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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Today was youth sunday as well as the jg vs mg match. We had dance for 8.32 service. went really well, thks to eunice's brilliant innovative steps..hehe! (i look like a carrot in the pic..HAHA!!!)nth much happened. we had xpressoul, joann led the grp. she's GREAT! :)))) she's sooo cute and strict at the same time. she's the woMAN...okay, had dance lesson after that. Used my new tambourines. Yayness, but my fingers still hurt..heh! steps were really cool, but music was super fast.:)))

Got a lift home frm irene and eujin. Slept in their car AGAIN..cannot make it. Came home, completed a-math, did physics hw. Then went down to MJC to catch last few minutes of the match.JG finally won this time round. :))) only managed to get a nice pic of vincent running. Pls dun call me biase or pervertic.HAHA, he was jus coming my way, so i managed that shot. :)

Guys, here are ur grp pics too. Too lazy to send all of jus copy from my blog lah. Pics are not very nice cos there's the red eye effect and i havent gotten the software to edit it. So u can do it urself if u think ur eyes look like kinda devilish (iz,alaster,justus...hehe). btw,i think rachel lian took pics too. can get them frm her :)))

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sec 4's so rock plss..hahaha

High tea at inter-con hotel on the 11th of june :)

Do we look zai or wat. mr fong "arranged" us ;)

Sorry guys, no time to adjust photo. & the security gaurd that took this photo has shaky hands. but still looks nice yeah?

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

SCHOOL is starting tmr!shd i say yipee or omg?! i think it's more of a YIPEE!!! Okay, firstly, i kinda miss lessons. Hehe, and i miss WEN MINN AND MY PARTNERRRR!!!!!!!I miss the apples for recess.

Anw, this holiday seem to pass so fast! And i think not only the O levellers and JC pple feel it, but even the pri sch kids and parents too! Hmm, i jus wonder why we can all feel as though time is passing by so fast. It cant be the that the time is ticking faster rite?I think its more that we're always so busy with sooo many events that's going on ard us, that we dun bother to look at the time. So when we really do look at it, it has gone pass without us knowing.

It's jus like when we're doing something we like. Time seems to pass so fast cos we dun take notice of the time. But if we keep watching every second of the clock, it'll seem like eternity. Okay, i'm kinda crapping here. Jus wondering why time passes so fast nowadays.

Went for tuition after church. Forgot to eat lunch so i was like nearly dying in the FREAKING cold tuition center with a hungry stomach!! kept going toilet to get warmth??!!! Whatever..... We did both physics and chem today. Chem sucks. And i missed dance lesson becos of the tuition!!! Ayes, and it's the first lesson. Sadded case! Oh well, i'll still get to go for the next 3 weeks lah, and use my 2 new tambouriness!!

I jus wenta visit huiling at her place. HEhe, she plucked out all 4 wisdom tooth!! power sia, but she cant laugh.Heh, so she cant be sarcastic too! Leanne and David came over too.They were talking about the way various types of animals were killed for pple to eat. Monkey,fish, rabbit... ERGH!! so gross, it was quite saddistic lah.. We were like EEWWW and HAHAHAHA. unfortunately, huiling couldn't HAHA. Poor thing. But by the end of next week, i think she'll laugh out like nobody's business. keke.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Haven's been blogging much, cos i'm too lazzyyyy?!! Yeah, haven been doing much this hols. ARGH! It's really BAD. Okay, shall start ranting about my holiday.

11th of June.
Yeah, wanyi, i'm talking about the 11th of june now. Haha, we had our handbell syf high tea at inter-con hotel, a treat from MR FONG. Yep, i'm sure everyone of us enjoyes it thoroughly. The food was not too bad. Had this chocolate fountain thing, and there were marshmallows and GIGANTIC strawberries to dip inside, and the chocolate hardens after a while. Hehe, love that the most! Mr Fong asked us to dedicate songs, and he played them on the piano!! So lovely please, and he looks sooo freaking cute when he plays. And for goodness sake, does he have to play such nice music? Poor wanyi, her cam broke down jus when she wanted to take pic of him. We went ard the hotel to take grp photos. A few seniors were there too: Kristal, Pearl, Charmaine,Jac and PK. Was talkin talking alot to the seniors. HAhaha, sometimes i talk too much lahh.Anw, it was very enjoyable. So it was 4.15pm and i was deciding if i shd go down to JG.So when i told mr fong that i had to leave for church, he said "Don't like my company say so lah!" Haha, right. Ran out of Inter-con hotel, met jon chen and his church pple along the way. His flipped-up collar and big sunglasses. ASTRO-BOY!Whatever

8.32 Retreat. I missed this yrs retreat as i had to catch up with work and had this sci intensive tuition going on. My family went, leaving me home alone. The funniest thing was that i Had a minor sore throat on tn the first day they left cos i wasnt given the chance to speak. I cant possibly speak to myself rite? Sparstic! Yeah, so when i told my cousin that when i went to her place for dinner, she thought i was mad. Pple get sore throat cos tehy talk too much or shout too much, and i got sore throat cos i nv speak? Rite.

I thought it would be quite okay being at home alone, but it turned out not to be so easy, since i was so used to having someone at home most of the time. lucky for me, my aunt came to stay with me on the first nite, and another aunt came on the 2nd nite. Can't imagine being in the house all alone at nite man. I realize when nobody's at home, i seem to have alot of free time even after i've finished my assignments for that day. So, i started mopping the floor with those kinda special cloth that picks up dust only. So fascinating. Hahahaaha, and practiced my skill at ironing clothes! My aunt told my mum next time i can be housewife, and i went "NEVER!!!", and my mum agreed. HAHAHA! Now the only survival skill i lack is the most impt one: How to cook a proper meal. Not that i'm that keen on learning how to cook, but oh well, i guess i have to know ONE DAY. i practically lived on instand and cup noodles, except for one dinner where my aunt bought food. My greatest achievement so instant noodles, knowing whens the right time to throw in the noodles and how to crack the egg. HA! So pathetic lahhh

Was supposed to have handbell interview for sec 3s. But becos of some situation, we had to postpone it when sch reopens. Went for sci tuition at Bugis then jus came back not long ago from chinese. Tuition revolves ard me :)))

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Friday, June 10, 2005

WHEE! Celebrated my SIXTEENTH birthday just 2 days ago. A big THANKS to all who came for my party!!!It was grt!Handbell gals, classmates, church pple and of course my familyyy!!! Really really thank God that it did not rain!!! I was so afraid during the day cos it was raining when we were in school.

Lemme start from EIGHT AM. Met WM in school at 8am, and the funniest thing was that both of us thought lessons starts at 8 when actually it was 10. So we were like "What's wrong with the both of us man!" So we proceeded to Macs to eat breakfast. So tht morning i had a double breakfast. HEH!So we sat there for super long, then went back to school for lessons. Thereafter, we went to JURONG ISLAND! The security there is really tight(duh!). Had to go through the scanner and all, jus like in the airport!We went on a 10min bus tour ard the place. It was quite retarded, looking at different coloured tubes everywhere. But oh well, it gave us KNOWLEDGE! Went to the chem gallery for viewing.

Ended early, so reached back home early too! Marc and lem were helping to prepare FOOD! There were "plucking" tao gei. HAHA. Opened a FEW presents. Then we went to start bbq. OKAY JG GUYS RAWK! HAHAA, anyway a big big big thanks to those who helped to cook the stuff and start the fire. Wen kai and marc: thks for helping out on my classmates side!!

Took pics with most of my guests. HAHA! With mich and Pastor Jon. Dennis and his Gf. Terence, david and wenkai. RACH,Joel and Lemmi. Huiling. Kor kor and Cheryl. Germaine and Marc. Dancers.Irene and Eujin.

Fast fwd. Charis and tq had to leave at 8.30pm?!!! We went to the multi-function hall. Tiif, pris, shijie and kat demanded that i opened their present there. So i did! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL PLS! Had this precious moments music box and inside there was the garnier PURE thing!! Okay, it was so touching mannnn!! There was a necklace and a pair of earings too. =)

Sang birthday song to me. :) My perfect birthday cake and me. my wonderful brother decided to be funny, and so i had chocolate ALL over my face and HAIR. Was quite gross, luckily no cute guy there. HAHA KIDDING. Took pictures with family, school, youths, then the "older" pple (I'm the only single one. HA HA). Anw, school pple had to go off. After everyone left, wenta clear the bbq pits. Was super beat man. Went home to BATHHH!!! cleared all the chocolate then opened presents! It felt like christmas. But better!!=)

Received really nice pressies frm everyone. Oh and i noticed something. I received ALOT of cosmetics and accessories. Am i THAT vain. HAHA! For example, Wm gave me a manicure set, wenna gave me Ck eye shadow and nail polish, partner gave me lip gloss and WHITENING face mask, Rach and someone gave me perfume. Haha, there's more okay. Anw, i think the SWEETEST gift was the handmade cd thing from RACHEL TAN! There's like 5 plastic cds tied in a rows, and the 3 middle ones each have a picture of the 2 of us when we were super young. Like 3,4 yr old? So touching! The cd on the top was a picture of her at the beach in Bintan, with the words "Happy Birthday Liz" on the sand. The last cd was a picture of Joel at the same spot but with the words "Happy Birthday LizARD" instead. HAHA.

The grtest party!!

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Back again.

Was in school yesterday for lessons as well as to settle my JC DSA stuff. Went to TJ by bus after that, realized i didn't get the school "chop" for my SA results, cos they wanted "Certified True Copy" and i didn't know what they meant by that. So went back to school(dad fetched.. hehe), got the office person to help me chop the school stamp then went back to TJ. Handed in the application form and stuff, then took an hr long BUS home. -___-"

Anw, my CCA got A1!!! Haha, i was actually expecting an A2? My brother was so irritated. He bowled like a thousand competitions, was in nationals, won dunno how many trophies and he got A1. I didn't do anything, became VP, won Gold with Honours at SYF and i got A1. HAHA! Do they count school pianist and musical? Who cares, the A1 is mine! HAHA hao lian to the highest degree.

Gawd, the freakiest thing happened to me pls. Jus 2 weeks ago, WM was telling me that this African American(AA) guy came up to her , talked to her then asked for her no. Then, being abit goon at that time, she gave him her real number pls. And jus now at farrer park, this AA came up to me and asked how old i was. So i jus said 16 and gave a super stoned face at him. Then he went "Oh, you're very preety for ur age"HELLO? young pple cannot be pretty meh? Anw, he asked for my name. And i jus went" sorry, i gtg now. "And he was like " So you're not giving me ur name?" " no, i'm not giving u my name."DUH! and i jus walked off. EEWWW pls. I'm gonna hire bodygaurddd!!!Kidding.

Maybe i dress too maturely. Shall start wearing hello kitty and doreamon t-shirts when i go out. Maybe that'll make me look younger? YUck.Oh ya, jus remembered. Was at the busstop outside TJ yesterday then this old man pointed at my school crest on my shirt and said " Isn't this ACS crest?" I nearly wanted to LAUGH. But nah, i didnt. Just told him i was from PL. so retarded man.

Cant wait for High tea at inter-con hotel!!!!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ANNOUNCEMENT to Handbell SYF ringers: High tea @ inter-con hotel, 11/6(sat) 2pm. Please email ur votes for Best Handbell Ringer and Best Handchime ringer to by the 9/6.

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I'm back.

Chinese O's are over. I doubt i'll do well though.I cried on the phone when i was talking to my tuition teacher yesterday.I feel that I've let her down, even though the results are not even out yet. I was writing part of this entry in class yesterday while partner was poking her pimples and complainin about them. HAHA! Oh well, i complain much more about mine. "Tis the season to have pimples..tralalala"!

Anyway, after chinese paper, i went down to orchard to meet my mum then went to marriot hotel. My cousin's family were having a 3D2N thing there. SHIOK LAH! Gideon was there too. Surprise surprise. HA! Anyway, the ladies had a room, while the guys took another. We slacked ard in the EXECUTIVE lounge. I drank tea(cousin-in-law thinks i'm boring??!!), watched professional pple playing pool(BLACK WIDOW!!) on tv.Went swimming after that. The sun was power man, but the pool water tasted YUCKY!Oh and my niece can call "Kor kor gideon" but not "Jie Jie Liza". Mine sounds easier rite? Oh well, she got up like 3 times to pee?! What do you expect from a 2 yr old gal.=p Cousin in law suggested going to the gym, but he ended up going alone cos gideon and i were underaged??!We shd have jus said we were 18 lah, i think we COULD have passed off. HAHA. I went back to the pool to tan.Didn't get much of a tan although there is a very fadded tan mark. Aiya, dunno what i'm talking about.

Today went back to sch for A-math and collected report book. Results were like EEWWW! Who gets 25 pts for mid yr, and going to take O levels at the end of the yr. IT'S TERRIBLE! Gotta work doubly hard now. ARGH, imagine me. HOW TO APPLY FOR TJ WHEN MY RESULTS ARE LIKE THIS??!!!

YAY! wanyi jus told me that they're gonna meet tmr in handbell room to do up the score and i hafta go cos she doesn't know how to write the bass line for chinese song. NOt that i really know how to write, but 2 brains better than 1??

okay,i'm off to settle my tj application stuff. *God, pls let me into that sch*

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005



That is spastic to the highest degree. I mean, does the sschool have to do this to us? Haha, it's like gettin back results the day after the exams. Haiya, but i guess we dun have that much time lah. So hafta rush through everything. lessons will be resuming tmr too. Chinese O's are less than two weeks from now. It's scary..very. I'm sitting for my first O'LEVEL paper in less than two weeks from now.

It's official, i'll not be going for 8.32 retreat. Good and bad lah. I actually think the retreat's gonna be grt with the workshops and everything, but i gotta FOCUS. Studies first. Got some intensive science tuition during june hols. 11 lessons in all for june, power packed. Phew~

OH. Our school learning journey during june hols to some chem gallery at jurong HAPPENS to fall on my birthday. *round of applause* HELLO?!!! like so wrong lahhh!! I dun mind celebrating with classmates since we'll have lessons(if we were not going jurong) in SCHOOL. But at JURONG??? That is like ultra retarded. and for some CHEM lesson?THAT IS WRONNGGG!!! okay, i guess i have to accept that fact lah. Don't have a choice i guess. My firsst birthday spent with classmates at Jurong. How memorable it's gonna be. *yeah yeah*

I haven't bathed. Yuck. It's 3.40pm now, i got home @ 11.30. Hoo-rah.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

One week GONE. I'm only left with 2 papers now..PHEW! A math paper 2 and sci(phy/chem) multiple choice. HA! Kay it's retarded cos i only go to sch for one hr to take the mcq and i go home after that. Okay i doubt I'll go home lah, probably go catch a show or stroll along somewhere. -____-"That's for next week.

OOHH, i just cut my hair. Haha, not cut lah, more like trim. My sis was like "got diff meh?" Oh well, it's SHORTER. Went to the EC house to cut. Haha $10 for 10 mins haircut. But i think it was more than 10 mins. Oh well. This week was kinda tiring, with all the exams and everything. We have exams in the sch hall, to get used to the feel of it for prelims and O's. It's okay i guess. And we got AIRCON. Haha, not many schools have that. I cant imagine not having the aircon in the hall man, i'd probably perspire till my pinafore can see through? Haha okay too exaggerrated. It's only cold in the hall when it was raining on one of the days, but other than that, i think there's no point in wearing the jacket. I'm crapping...

I miss the bells already. SIGH. I can't imagine myself not going for handbell practices, seeing the pple, or even seeing them with black faces. I miss all of those already. So difficult to let go, all these memories that are stuck up there. Many quarrels,much hatred. But all in all, we end up as a team that worked so well together to achieve the award. I'm glad we can end off our sec four yr with such a BANG.


Annabel came up with this during our chinese paper 1. I think she was too free or something. HAha.Anyway. i found it rather nice. Dun you think so? oh anyway, MOE jus announced some new direct admission thing to JC. It's like you can get into a JC even b4 ur prelim by submitting to that JC what your particular talent is (e.g running,jumping, music, acting etc). They'll review it, then if u're accepted, you're secured a place there even b4 u take prelims, and you mus get below 20 points for O's lah. I thought of giving it a try. Temesak JC? They want our ABRSM certs. I got plenty. Haha okay very hao lian.. ooopsss.Yeah, might try out TJ lah, cos if i can get in through music, it'll be perfect cos i doubt i can meet the score for O's for TJ.

DINner time, then back to study A-math. LOVE YA!

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I can't believe i'm actually doing this: sitting in front of the blog and typing all these stuff. HAHA

Anyway, it's been 5 days since the 29th of april, everyone still misses it. Oh Handbell Gals, this is wat Mr fong said: "Judges say the moment you ended your last song, they made up their minds. The said its not about winning in technical or expresion. They said PL more natural and convincing. It was not a put up show. It was natural musicianship they saw. "

Not bad eh?I hope none of the other sch handbell gals come to my blog. Heh heh. It's kinda sad to know that they are actually schools out there who wanna blame the judges or even the other schools becos they din get the gold or whatever. I mean, is winning always the only thing in mind? Quote from Mr Fong "If the intention in life is always must win and nv lose, then you lost the true meaning of life and what lies within it." Sweet*

We're meeting up with the sec 3s tmr morning at 7am. Gonna start letting them take up responsibilities i guess. Haiz, so quickly one yr has FLOWN pass. I still remember the day when we had interview when they were choosing exco and the really retarded answers that i gave. All in all, i thank God fro giving me a chance to be in the handbell Exco and that He will continue to lead the next EXCO in His way. Amen?

Bel and i talked to ms goh for like super long today, after geog lesson. Was telling her about what we saw on other school's blog and what they said about us. The next thing we knew, we had a small audience wanting to hear what we were talking about. Hahahaha. Found out fomr ms goh that we SHOULD be playing for the 6th July (Instumentel Ensemble) thing. Whee~ another performance and Mr Fong told me we're playing on the 1st July (Opening Ceremony) too. But the latter is not confirmed. Oh well. And we she also told us that Mr Fong would be taking the Sec 3s and 2s to play for some methodist thing. Oh man, when i told wanyi about it, she started screaming and holding my hand super tightly and her whole face went red. She actually squate on the floor can .I thought she was gonna cry, but in the end, i started crying instead. Dun ask me why, i cant describe it.

This Syf. It held us together. As a team.I love you guys. :)

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Sunday, May 01, 2005


PL Handbell Ringers! Take note: We MIGHT be playing again for the SYF opening ceremony on the 1st of July @ 8pm.

That means we MIGHT hve another performance together!WOOHOO! Check out this page:

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

WHOO HOOOO!! SYF was a blast, and guess we got! GOLD WITH HONOURS!! i tell you, there is nothing that could compare to this joy that we had yesterday, and i'm sure that whenever we think of it, we'll be able to feel that joy again.

I tell you, GOd is AWESOME! One personal testimony i have goes like this. We were having out last day of practice on thursday afternoon. It was already 5pm, and we were still making mistakes everywhere, the timing was kinda out too. Even I kept making mistakes! So we said that we better start clearing up cos it was getting quite late. We gathered together to pray for the grp, and we could literally feel each other's "kan chiongness". Yup, we wanted to play again, but there were still mistakes everywhere. So we told them to pack up, go home and sleep! We were all praying for a miracle to happen for the next day, and we knew that He would be gracious.

So the next day, we reached school at 6.40 plus, changed into our LOVELY gowns, put on makeup, then went to practice for a while. i tell you, God is AWESOME!! That VERY morning, our hands and ears jus coordinated as ONE man. Every note was exactly in place, it was the exact timing, the semiquavers came in exactly in the centre of the quavers, chords dynamics was fantastic, melody was SUPERB, bass was unusually consistent, and the chimes were ever wonderful!! In my heart, i could not help, but keep saying "Thank you lord thank you Lord". One of our school teachers told me "You all don't have to worry, cos there's one thing that makes us different from everyone else. We have God with us." AMEN!!!

We reached SingaporeConferenceHall, and ZhengHua and RGS were there already. Had to act and look super cool man. HAHA! scare everyone, yeah rite..HEHE. We went to our holding room then there was this white board there that read "PLMGS JIA YOU!". So touching man..Don't know who wrote it somemore. Could be the harp gals(highly unlikely), but could be the SCO pple!! Since we've been there quite a no. of times and they love us. It was grt to be at a familiar place to perform again, seeing a few familiar faces here and there from the SCO. It helped to calm our nerves man.

We stood back stage waiting for the school b4 us. I was feeling super nervous, but cannot show to the rest wat, so act cool like sia. Finally couldn't tahan, kept wantin to talk, but cannot. HAIYO, agony man!!AFter a lifetime of waiting, we finally went in. I shall not elaborate on the MINOR MISTAKES (Wanyi, you know what i mean), but the 2 songs 13 Falling Leaves and Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng were FANTASTIC! IT was Marvellous!!

We watched the other 5 schools perform and they were jus as good, some even "terrorized" us. Then came the RESULTS! We were holding, no, GRIPPING each other's hand like siao. Finally, "Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Schoool (Secondary)..GOLD. with HONOURS!!" a few of us actually jumped out of ours seats i tell you, and we were crying like siao. It was splendid. As i think back on the event yest, i still feel the joy in our hearts.

We went back to school. Made our presence known by doing super loud cheers at the basketball court, and singing "To God be the Glory" super loudly. Went to eat at a restaurant to celebrate, then went back to sch to prepare for art's fest. It was fantastic, both the matinee and evening performance. Even when MR FONG wasnt' there to conduct us during the matinee, it was still grt man!! we even had standing ovation during the evening performance. DON't play play!! When we were waiting for our turn to perform in the evening, instead of sittin ard, we were actually dancin and singin like nobody's business man. "As..we walk to the left, as we walk to the right, as we walk as we walk as we walk all night, with a heel and a toe and a half turn round, with a heel and a toe and a new fren found!!!" Lame song, but EVERYONE was dancing and singing, displayed our team spirit man!!

The night finally came to end, we were like snatching to take photo with Mr fong. Too bad, we love him too much lah.

This SYF has been a truely life-enriching and wonderful experience. And everyone who was in it was a blessing in my life one way or another! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for HANDBELLS! Hip-hip-HOORAY!Hip-hip-HOORAY!Hip-hip-HOORAY!

Check this out.

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WM and I! One so chinese, one so european!! HAHAHA i'm KIDDING! Posted by Hello

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Basses ROCK!! Posted by Hello

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HANDBELL'S UNITEDD!! Posted by Hello

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Me, King kong (oops, i mean qian ru) and ever lovable MAUREEN!! Posted by Hello

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Sec 3's uniteddd!! Posted by Hello

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SEC 4's united!! Posted by Hello

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Huizi and i!! TREBLE AND BASSS!! Posted by Hello

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